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Take the deeper dive that is needed to be fully preppared to be a Professional Princess. Focus on all aspects of any Character; from head to toe, voice to signature - nothing is overlooked to perfect your Character.


*Please list your requested Character(s) in the Notes at Checkout. Available Characters list is on  the 'Characters' tab of our Website*


~ Official Description ~

~ Personality Traits ~

~ Voice Accent and Practice ~

~ Key Words and Phrases ~

~ The 5 W’s ~

~ People, Places and Things ~

~ Character Specific Improv ~

~ Walking and Waving ~

~ Resting, Posing, and Curtsying ~

~ Signature and Makeup ~

~ Q&A Session ~


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Students will be emailed within 48 hours of purhcase to shceudle their Zoom Training. This Master Class is also available for a 1 month period following the original date of access given. This content is not permitted to be shared with anyone other than the purchasor. Please list your requested Character(s) in the Notes at Checkout. Available Characters list is on the 'Characters' tab of our Website.

In-Depth Character Specific (Virtual)

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